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Brazil Call Center

BrazilDesk - Latin America and Brazil Customer Service Outsourcing Solutions

BrazilDesk is a Brazilian call center that offers customer service solutions to international companies.

Outsource customer service in Brazil and Latin America to a local call center outsourcing company.

Our call center services:

  • Latin America Call Center
  • Customer support outsourcing;
  • Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, and English; 
  • Tickets, email, phone, social, live chat support, etc; 
  • Help Desk and Service Desk Tier 1 and 2;
  • Answering services;
  • 24/7 customer service; 
  • Technical support;
  • Back office outsourcing;
  • Brazil Call Center;
  • Inbound and outbound to clients on your list; 
  • Need tailored solutions? Talk with us!

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Brazil Call Center

Call Center Brazil

BrazilDesk: A Leading Brazilian Call Center Company Assisting International Businesses with Clients in South America

BrazilDesk was founded in 2014 as a marketing agency. We initially assisted international clients with needs in Brazil. A few years later, we transitioned into a customer service company for international firms expanding in Brazil and across other Latin American countries.

We cater to specific clients with customer service requirements, providing high-quality support in Portuguese, Spanish, and English. 

 – Brazil Call Center –
Rely on BrazilDesk to handle all your call center needs in Brazil and Latin America, and experience the growth of your business.

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Latin America Call Center

Latin America call center services - e operates as a call center servicing 21 main Spanish and Latin American countries across the region.

A call center in Latin America can elevate your customer experience approach, and our Latin America call center services that cover 21 Spanish-speaking countries!

We have a team of Spanish-fluent and talented workers in Brazil who are also fluent in English, making them ideal for multilingual environments.

As a leading customer service provider in Latin America, we take pride in delivering high-quality support.

Trust our Latin America contact center to handle all your call center requirements with precision and excellence.

Explore Latin America: Country by Country
Advantages of Outsourcing to Latin America 


Brazil Call Center (24/7)

You can outsource agents to be 24/7, or commercial hours in Brazil or Latin America. We excel in meeting SLAs and you can follow the KPIs in a very intuitive tool, making the process really simple. 

Technical support - Call Center Brazil

With our expertise and cutting-edge tools, we’ll tackle any technical hiccup, ensuring a smooth customer experience. Trust our reliable technical support call Center in Brazil to keep your tech worries at bay.

Contact Center Latin America

From handling inquiries to resolving issues, our dedicated team ensures your customers receive dedicated assistance. Trust our reliable customer support outsourcing in LATAM to deliver a delightful customer experience.

Call Center Outsourcing Services

We provide 24×7 customer services via chat, social, email and/or phone for Brazil and other Latin America countries.

Outsourcing to Brazil

Benefits of customer support outsourcing services to Brazil Call Centers

Expanding into the Latin American market can be a lucrative opportunity for international companies, given the region’s population of over 600 million people and increasing purchasing power.

As a diverse and dynamic region with a growing middle class, Latin America has seen significant economic growth and stability in recent years, making it a desirable location for businesses looking to invest and expand.

With its skilled workforce, favorable business climate, robust infrastructure, and thriving regional cooperation, Latin America offers unparalleled opportunities for success.

All You Need to Know About Brazilian Market
A Summary of Each Brazilian State


  • Workforce Strength: Do you know that you can find many talented support agents in Brazil fluent in English and Spanish? That’s one of the best places to outsource customer services.

  • Flexible Staffing Options: Brazilian call centers embrace both work-at-home and on-premise agents, providing flexibility and adaptability for successful outsourcing.

  • Economic Powerhouse: As the largest economy in Latin America, Brazil represents 40% of the region’s GDP, offering a thriving business environment.

  • Affordable process: For companies in North America and Europe, hiring bilingual or trilingual agents to operate on-site can increase the final costs a lot. By outsourcing this demand with a dedicated Brazilian call center, you can reduce your costs up to 40%.

  • Government Support: The Brazilian government has made major investments in expanding the BPO sector, demonstrating a commitment to growth and development.


Brazil is a vast country with numerous customer service providers. However, there are few call centers focusing on international services.

BrazilDesk is an option for international companies seeking a call center in Brazil and Latin America.

You can get in touch with us to discuss your needs, and we will certainly have an ideal, customized solution to assist you.

How many call center agents are there in Brazil?

There are several call center agents in Brazil, approximately 1.62 million Brazilian workers in call centers. As the largest economy in Latin America, call center agents in Brazil continue to grow.

You can outsource a call center to Brazil with BrazilDesk. We are a call center operating throughout Latin America.

It’s very important to always research suppliers, and since there are many call center companies, some interviews will be necessary to align expectations.

BrazilDesk’s differentiator is that we focus on catering to international companies operating in Brazil.

The costs for outsourcing these professionals in Latin America can depend on several factors, such as the type of support you need. Will the agent be bilingual or trilingual? Do they need technical knowledge? Do they require previous experience?

The average cost usually ranges from $10 to $20 (US dollars) per agent.

Typically, call centers in Latin America are situated in major cities and centers. With recent changes and work becoming increasingly remote, many call centers are operating remotely.

In Brazil, major call centers are in cities like São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Brazil is a great country for BPO. The country boasts many qualified professionals with experience in customer support, from basic to professional levels.

Brazil’s location is also ideal for companies in North American countries like Canada and the United States, with a time difference of at most two hours, depending on the state.

Another advantage is that in Brazil, you can find speakers of various languages such as Portuguese, Spanish, English, German, etc. It’s a multicultural country, excellent for international relations.

There are several call center agents in Brazil, approximately 1.62 million Brazilian workers in call centers. As the largest economy in Latin America, call center agents in Brazil continue to grow.

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